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Adult Music Days

Lucy is a keen advocate of music-making with others, as an important and enjoyable part of learning an instrument. To this end, Lucy runs regular Adult Music Days for amateur adult musicians, who may not have many other chances to join an ensemble. The focus is on enjoyment of music, and so these days are open to any instrument/voice and ability. Lucy creates bespoke arrangements for the day, with parts written according to each person's standard on their instrument. Each Adult Music Day also offers additional sessions on skills (for example improvisation), or the chance to work on a solo piece.

If you would like to be kept informed about future Adult Music Days, please fill in the form on the Contact page.

In-Person Teaching

On clarinet, saxophone and flute, Lucy is an experienced teacher of all ages, and at all levels from complete beginner to university and beyond. She works with individual students in a way that most benefits each one, whether that is through the progression of exams (ABRSM or Trinity), or through other routes. She has prepared numerous students for both the classical and jazz grades, as well as post-Grade 8 diplomas and music college auditions. Lucy has also sat on the panel for exams and auditions, a helpful addition when preparing her own students for the experience.

When pupils take part in concerts, exams and recordings, Lucy always likes to accompany her pupils herself on the piano, so she can help them stay calm and enjoy themselves even in an exam! She has likewise accompanied her university students for their final recital exams (100% of her students have been awarded Class I for the flute performance element of their degrees). She has also led a masterclass at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, on performing solo wind music.
Over the past few years Lucy has particularly enjoyed building up the ensemble coaching side of her work. A recent highlight was coaching the Redbridge Music School Symphonic Band for the Music for Youth national competition, through which they won the chance to perform at the Royal Albert Hall. She has also started various chamber music groups from scratch, providing opportunities for communal music-making at every stage of learning.

Online Teaching

Lucy offers instrumental lessons via platforms including Zoom, Skype and FaceTime. She has a flexible approach and will work with you to arrange the best set-up for your particular schedule. In addition to the lesson itself, she is also able to provide piano accompaniment in the form of MP3s, to enable exam rehearsals, for example, to happen even when face-to-face rehearsals are difficult. Lucy is also able to provide aural training for exams where needed, in addition to general musicianship as part of each lesson.
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