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Clarinet Dreams

Clarinet & Piano Recital
University Church of St Mary the Virgin, Oxford
Wednesday 18 August 7pm
A varied programme, featuring the world premiere of "Clack" by Tim Perkins, for bass clarinet and piano.

Lucy Downer - clarinet and bass clarinet
Ed Jones - viola
Jocelyn Freeman - piano

Mozart: Trio K498 "Kegelstatt", for clarinet, viola and piano
Ida Gotkovsky: Images de Norvege
Tim Perkins: Clack
Poulenc: Sonata
Giampieri: Il Carnivale di Venezia

Tickets £15

Adult Music Days

Lockdown has brought many challenges to us all! One thing many of us have really missed is the chance to make music with others. While it is not possible to meet physically at the moment, my last Adult Music Day provided a chance to gather again virtually, to play instruments or sing, and to share this enriching hobby with like-minded others. These days are aimed at adult amateur musicians of any standard. At this concert we had beginners performing alongside experienced amateurs - all held together with a sense of enthusiasm and enjoyment!
My next Adult Music Day is currently in the planning stages. For more information please fill out the form on the Contact page.
AMD Christmas Zoom Concert - web version

Carols for Advent

24 musical advent videos | YouTube
During December I published a series of short musical videos, one Christmas Carol for each day of Advent. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more!
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